A BodyTalk update

I’ve been really stressed lately. I don’t talk too much about it here in this blog because, well, I don’t want to make you all crazy with my problems. But I’ve been stressed. I miss Owen, my house, my dogs, my family…I miss Baja Fresh and Thai food and Whole Foods. I miss Dr. Kenny and I miss my friends and I miss I miss I miss. Yes, I’ve been homesick. I’ve also been worried. Losing Nathan’s 2nd daily CME session was a tough blow for me, I felt like I slowed down’s Nathan’s rate of progress. Not having my pre-natals and supplements is tough – I feel out of balance. But most importantly, I’ve been stressed about the future. What are we going to do with Nathan after March? My plan is to go home at the end of March so Belle can be born in the States. But once we get to LA – what’ll happen to Nathan? There are no CME practitioners in LA. Will he lose the progress he’s made? Will his progress be stunted? So I’ve been worried. Hardly sleeping. And worrying some more.

For all these reasons I decided I needed to pamper myself so I booked a BodyTalk session for myself with a Chilean BodyTalk practitioner, and all I can say is, WOW. The thing with BodyTalk is that WHO the practitioner is that works on you really matters. A good practitioner can give you a mind-blowing session, a regular practitioner may do you a bit of good but nothing incredible. Well, Paul is a REALLY GOOD practitioner. One of my chief complaints when he asked me why I went to see him was that I wasn’t sleeping well. Well I hadn’t finished putting my head on the pillow on his work table when I was asleep. I drifted in and out of consciousness while he worked, but mostly I was OUT. I felt so relaxed, so comfortable. After working on me for about 45 minutes, he woke me up and we sat down to talk about the findings of the session.

And I have to say again, as if I haven’t said it enough – BodyTalk is stunningly amazing. It works on SO MANY LEVELS. He told me about some digestive issues I’ve been having (which I didn’t even mention to him) and gave me the emotional reason why the stomach was reacting this way (I’ve been having reflux, so the stomach isn’t fully accepting food and is throwing it back up) – a difficulty accepting situations as they are. So the emotional rejection manifested by the stomach regurgitating food. So interesting huh. There were several other “links” like this that came up reflecting many of the things I’ve been feeling and going through.

But what’s most amazing is how I felt AFTER the session. I felt grounded. I felt balanced and happy. The pain in my stomach went away. The pain in my back and uterus that I’ve been experiencing wasn’t there. I felt calmer and more clear than I have in a long time. And in those moments while we were chit-chatting after the session, I realized that all those things I’ve been stressing about are NOT IMPORTANT!

The BodyTalk restored my emotional balance enough for me to see that I was worrying needlessly. I remembered that the process we’re going through is not about results – it’s about the journey. When I’m out of balance, I forget that expectations are poison. So after the session I felt calm, and I felt that it’s unneccesary for me to stress and worry about the future, because Nathan is PERFECT. He is happy. He is healthy. And the rest is just icing. So why worry?

I can’t say enough good things about BodyTalk! I’m taking Nathan for a session on Monday :-)

A Lovely Day

Today was another lovely day for us here in Santiago. Enjoy a couple of cute pictures courtesy of MamaTerapeuta:

From 9-19-09
From 9-19-09
From 9-19-09

Here they were in a game where we could sit them in their wheelchairs and the kids ran around in circles, like the teacups at Disney. Nathan loved it! (but Rocio wasn’t quite sure). They played at a big seesaw too and both of them LOVED it.

Today was an off day for Nathan – no Medek. I’m glad he had a day off.

Now just in keeping with the usual style of the blog, I wanted to talk a little bit about BodyTalk. The day before we left for Chile Nathan had a treatment by a BodyTalk specialist called Dr. Pilipovich and, well, it rocked my world. The guy is AMAZING. This man knew nothing about Nathan – he’s never seen his website, doesn’t know anything about his diagnosis, etc. But using Bodytalk, he was able to diagnose things about Nathan that even neurologists and neurosurgeons didn’t know. He diagnosed the lack of separation between the hemispheres, as well as further details such as problems with the Falx Cerebri, problems in his craniosacral system, problems reabsorbing CSF fluids back into his brain, and more. How, you might wonder? BodyTalk! Bodytalk has the tools to give people the chance to diagnose all kinds of things.

He also told me something incredible that he discovered through BodyTalk. Nathan had been very resistant to change and improvement in his physical condition for fear of changing. Nathan is a very spiritual being and identifies himself heavily as a spiritual person. In his subconscious, he is afraid to develop physicall for fear of losing his connection with spirit. As part of the treatment, he told him it was okay to improve physically as he wouldn’t lose his connection to spirit. I sincerely believe this is the reason why Nathan has been so good in Medek. It’s the first time in 3 years where Nathan is making a strong effort in his therapy without resisting. It’s almost as if he’s giving himself permission to change. I know this sounds “out there” (as usual), but hey, when out there works, you go with it! And I’m going!

I’ve been toying a little bit with BodyTalk every day, doing mini sessions on myself and Nathan, and every day I am building more confidence and belief in this amazing healthcare modality. The more I learn about it the more I am CONVINCED that I have found GOLD.

I’ll share more about BodyTalk as I learn more. In the meantime, we’ll continue to enjoy our time here in Santiago!

BodyTalk Module 1

Today I went to the first day of a 2 day Body Talk course.

The verdict: INCREDIBLE.

BodyTalk is everything I’ve been looking for – and MORE. I am too tired to say much about it, so I’m mostly going to post my notes from today. They may not make a lot of sense as they were based on the lecture from the instructor. But some of it may make sense so I’ll share the notes anyways. I’m just going to write 1 editorial paragraph and for the rest, you can read the notes!

I’m a big believer that my job for Nathan is to help his body heal itself from the inside out – not the outside in. Therapies are about healing from the outside in. These can be effective, but wouldn’t it be best if we address the source of the problem – the brain itself? BodyTalk offers a series of techniques that helps identify imbalances within a person’s body and then gives the body input so it can improve communication between itself and restore synergy. When synergy is restored, the body can heal.

What I LOVE about BodyTalk is that it addreses EVERYTHING about healing – emotions, environment, structure, left/right brain communication, allergies…EVERYTHING! If you’ve been following our blog for a while you know how many things I have to work on with Nathan – allergies, exercise, structure, supplements, etc. For this, I go to an osteopath, western doctor, chiropractor, rolfer, acupuncturist, aromatherapist, you get the picture. With BodyTalk – everything is integrated into one practice! That I can now do myself for him! Every day if I want to! And most importantly, it is based on his own body’s response (through neuromuscular biofeedback, or muscle testing). His body will tell me what needs attention, then I can apply techniques to restore communication to that problem. It means I can take Nathan’s healthcare into my own hands! And it works – every experience I’ve had with BodyTalk has been incredible. This morning I started the class in a heap of morning sickness…by the end of the day and having received a few techniques as part of the training, I felt good and full of energy!

Ok enough exclamation marks. This thing is incredible. And that’s that. Now for my notes:

? Background
? The body has an inborn or innate ability to heal and balance on all levels.
? The innate wisdom of the body needs be able to access all of the resources within the body in order to work efficiently.
o Disease is a breakdown in efficiency. The body has become inefficient and unable to heal, and healing has to happen constantly.
? Stress distorts resources within the bodymind, limiting healing.
o When you’ve got too much to do you tend to drop things.
o It’s also harder to eat well when you’re busy
o There’s air pollution, parenting, chlorine in the water, etc
o All of these things distort the smooth natural function of the body, which limits the amount of coordination and energy available for healing.
? What is BodyTalk?
o BodyTalk includes both general and specific methods to help the body recover from the distortions produced by the fight or flight nervous system response and other stresses.
? If you’re in stress mode, the body may choose to slow down digestion because it’s busy processing elsewhere. You may be eating organic food but if the digestive system is turned off, you’re not benefitting from it.
? We need to tell the nervous system to reset, take it out of fight and flight, and get it back to normal processes.
o When the body returns to rest and healing mode of operation, the body heals itself – naturally.
o When the body talks to itself, it can heal itself.
• BodyTalk combines:
o Modern anatomy and physiology
o Neurocardiology
o Acupuncture theory
o Yoga theory
o Osteopathic theory
o Information science (dealing with vast amounts of information)
• Bodytalk is a complete system, not just a couple of techniques
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. – Confucius
Basic Premises
o Healthcare should be safe, fast and effective
o Philosophically consistent, incorporating a model for physics, physiology, psychology (you can’t separate the mind and the body!)
o Little risk to do more damage
Body Talk Philosophy
• Innate wisdom may be viewed as the energy field maintained by the heart.
o The heart electrical field is many times stronger than the brain electrical field and carries information that:
o Guides function of individual body parts
o Synchronizes activity within the body
o Maintaines balance in the bodymind
o We want to encode new data into the heart, so when the heart beats, it distributes new info throughout the body
o We’re not healing – we’re restoring awareness in the body to the areas that are not working right. We have to take the “doingness” out of our energy, we just restore awareness.
o Healing is everyday
o Every cell in body is replaced frequently throughout life
? Blood every 120 days (1% every day)
? Skin 30 days
? Liver can regenerate in a week
? Intestinal lining every 3 days
? Bones in 10 months
? Nerve cells, cartilage, heart, brain, etc
o Whole body is brand new every year
o We get old because of stress response, it distorts the natural responses of the body, and starts slowing down and responding slowly to things. Getting a little bit behind starts leading to disease.
o Body wisdom: Basic premises
o Two primary modes of operation
? Sympathetic (fight/flight/protection)
? Parasympathetic (rest/healing)
o Stress pushes us into protection (sympathetic)
o Healing activity is then diminished (we get old and sick)
o Stress response
o Heart rate increased
o Blood pressure increased
o Muscle tension increased
o Stress hormones increased
o Blood to digest decreased
o Immune system disabled
o Endocrine system distorted
o Communication is the key
o The problem is rarely an individual part alone
o It is almost always poor communication within the body that brings about disease
o Some people do all the right things and are still sick despite conscious efforts
o Some people do all the wrong things and remain healthy – they have resilience
o Body Wisdom: Basic premises
o Body has an inborn ability to heal itself
o As bodytalk practitioner is about askng yes/no questions to determine imbalances , and the order of balancing
o Synchronization through communication is the key to maintaining health
o Sequencing is crucial to good results. Always ask priority, not problem. You may want to detox before the liver is ready to process, and it’s bad. Individual priorities in order to heal effectively. We ask priority, not problem. If you ask problem you’ll get a lot, you have to go by priority, so the body can heal in it’s most effective sequence. You want the right links in the right order.
o Every session had to be tailored to every client’s unique views and worldview. Meet them where they are, don’t make them come to your view point. Balance them at the level they can understand and receive. Some people are very sensitive and emotional, that’s just chi deficiency, digestion is ineficient, and not getting chi out of their food. The issue isn’t what they’re upset about, it’s just the lack of chi, if they balance the digestion so you have strong chi, you’d be able to contain yourself more and be stronger, you just need more chi.