Free to a good home

Lucas the destroyer.

From Random

Weight: 150 lbs.
Height: 6’2

Personality: Loves to cuddle, eat trash, destroy new beautiful furniture, and take over your bed at night.

Any takers? Saddle included.


  1. http://sally says

    What did he eat? The couch?
    Maggie eats garbage, too. But not just any garbage- she has a special fondness for my daughter’s bathroom trash………..

  2. http://Mary says

    OMG!!! what did he do NOW????

  3. you’re not serious, …(are you?)

  4. I’M NOT SERIOUS! hahaha. I got home and found our brand new couch super dirty, with trash all over it! He got into the trash and just made a MESS of the house. I was totally kidding, I love my Lucas!

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