Head Control for Nathan

I have experienced the extraordinary of prayer. I believe Nathan’s very life is the result of prayer. I have seen times when he was headed for surgery, I asked people to pray, and the next day he was miraculously better. His extraordinary health I believe is the result of people’s prayers. I could go on and on. From personal experience I know without a doubt that Prayer WORKS.

So today I am asking all of you who care about Nathan to please join in the “Head Control for Nathan” prayer campaign. I believe if he could gain head control, a myriad of possibilities would open up to him. I can’t do it alone. He can’t do it alone. We really need your help. Here’s all I ask:

1. Please pray for Nathan’s health and happiness, particularly for his ability to gain head control

2. If you are part of a prayer or church group, please ask them to add Nathan to their prayer list

3. If you have a website or blog, please add the “Head Control for Nathan” button:

Pray for Nathan

<p><a href="http://www.prayfornathan.org//?page_id=1715">
<img src="http://www.prayfornathan.org/images/nathan1.jpg" alt="Pray for Nathan" width="190" height="246" border="0">

4. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please link to the Head Control for Nathan page: http://www.prayfornathan.org//?page_id=1715

I hope that with everyone’s help, Nathan can have gained strong and steady head control by the end of 2010.

We are so grateful for your help and support!!!!


  1. http://sally says

    praying for nathan in CT!!

  2. Hey, Marcela. I haven’t been on here in awhile… I’m enjoying catching up on you guys! I tried to post the code for Nathan’s prayer on my blog, but it wouldn’t work. Not sure why! I will be praying for him.

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