I only have one thing to say today


  1. I had a feeling that I would be seeing some version of this type of post soon… congrats, mama!!

  2. Congrats!

  3. oh my goodness, are you pregnant? If so, Congrats! That is so exciting!

  4. http://Laura says

    yay Marcela!!!! Felicidades!!!!

  5. http://Eugenia says

    I had a feeling that was what you meant yesterday on facebook!!!

  6. Oh I am so excited I love you

  7. http://Mary%20p says

    OH MY GOSH!! Felicidades! 🙂

  8. http://Veronica%20-%20Lorenzo's%20Nana says

    What wonderful wordless news! Nathan’s going to be a big brother… HURRAY! Congratulations!

  9. http://Michal says

    I am glad you took 5 tests because 1 is only 99% accurate! I am so excited for you guys and Nate will finally get his baby sister!

  10. We just found out!! CONGRATS, GIRL!!! And Owen too. 😉 Yay for Nathan being a big brother! 🙂 When are you due? It’s been too long! When you can call or email me! let’s catch up!



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