Just because


  1. Oh no watch out :))) Lock the bottom cabinets and get the gates out! I was an early walker and it looks like she is going to take off! Thats wonderful and so exciting for you all! I remember the first day Ryan pulled up to stand he just started walking. I have it on film! I could not believe it!

  2. http://Laura%20G says

    No way!!! How is she getting so big so fast. Great pic.

    Laura G

  3. http://karym says

    En cada foto me sorprende Belle, es muy inteligente y se ve muy linda, ahora solo le falta la foto arriba de lucas y hacer un caballito!!!!, te felicito amiga por tus dos grandes hijos, un abrazo

  4. http://sally says

    poor lucas!! that stricken face of his!!

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