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Heart of the West Benefit photos

Birthday with Nathan's friends

England and Birthday 2008

Owen & Marcela at Catalina Island







With Brandon and Amber in Oregon

May 2008 photos

Portraits in Dominican Republic

Grandma's Birthday 2008


New York & North Carolina

New York & New Jersey


Therapy Photos

Christmas Photos and Santa Monica Pier

Santa and Computer and Playing

Pool and Jasmine's Bday Party


Halloween 2007

Bangkok 1 - Bangkok 2 - Phuket 1 - Phuket 2


New York and DC and miscellaneous

Disney for labor day

Uncle's Funeral and Therapies on Horseback

Life and therapies

1st Birthday Party!

Dorje's 1st Birthday at Disney!

Meeting with Venerable Geshe-la

With Dewang

End of festival

Middle of festival

Beginning of festival

Owen Birthday

Orange County Fair

Presley's Bday

Therapy at UCLA

RV camping trip, therapies, & more

Therapy & Beach

Father's Day

Bday party, Family & Therapy

Baby Bday Parties & Fair

Baby Party

Random Photos

No more ear infection!

Ear infection week

Baby Party

Around the house

Chi Qong Therapy and playing in the pool

Just life

Thank you Party

Vision Therapy

Just another day

Nathan's First Trip to Las Vegas

Mom's 27th Birthday

Swim Class and Therapy

Tara Empowerment in Santa barbara

April Fools

Baby Pool Party!

Chilling at home

Just Life as Normal

Joshua Tree Day 1

Joshua Tree Day 2

Great Grandma Mae's Bday

LA Zoo

A day in my life

Grandma Bday

Fun in Februrary

Having fun with friends

Cousin Vincent's Birthday Party

Big Bear at the Snow

Late Xmas Celebration

Hospital last week

Waiting for 3rd surgery

Hospital 2nd Surgery


Hospital 1st Surgery

Month of November

Month of October

Month of September

Month of August

View Ultrasound photos here

Some photos of the first few days: