The Perfect Storm

I am sitting in my chair reflecting on all that’s gone on in the last month and I’m surprised I’m still in one piece.

On April 27th, many things happened all at once.

The deal closed on our house, our gorgeous beautiful amazing home, which also needs a tremendous amount of work and is pretty time consuming.

My grandmother’s health started to fail. Since then we’ve found that she has pancreatic cancer. I love my grandmother endlessly and have been devastated to hear the news.

Google launched an algorithmic change which completely turned my business upside down. I’ve been working like crazy to adapt to the changes and provide a good service to the few clients I have left.

We’ve been moving. Since there are 2 houses on the property, we decided to move to the “barn” (which is really a 2000 sq ft house, while we work on the house. The move has been intense – I didn’t realize how much STUFF we had! In the process of moving I got my finger stuck in the creases of the garage door, scrunching it up real bad, and requiring stitches.

My health is a mess! I’ve had a couple of bad infections, streph, and other health issues.

The kids have all been sick too, making them cranky and high maintenance.

So that’s what’s going on in my life. It’s the reason I’ve been quiet. Things are so good and so hard. Trying to rebuild a business is like caring for another baby. Trying to maintain the kids I have is no small feat. And simultaneously dealing with contractors, quotes, investigating the best kitchen layouts, floors, etc etc. It’s a lot! But I’m hanging in there and counting my blessings every single day.

Thanks for keeping up with us.


  1. praying for you guys! Cancer sux!

    The best advice I was given when life got REALLY stressful like that is the rule of 5’s:
    will it matter in 5 minutes/hours/days/years?
    usually the 5 year one got me-‘little ‘family things do matter in 5 years- especially to the sprouts….and the next was no regrets- especially when a loved one is dealing with C. approach that so you live your life with no regrets — love to you guys

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